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With over 30 years’ experience in repairing, restoring, and maintaining the buildings of Melbourne, we know the importance of roof maintenance. Because we all know that your building’s roof is the first line of defense against natural elements like wind, rain, hail, snow, sleet, and extreme heat.

Why worry about the state of your roof when no one sees it? Honestly, just because it is not the first thing people see, or sometimes, ever see, does not mean that maintaining it shouldn’t be a top priority. A well-maintained roof can increase the longevity of your building, reduce heating and cooling costs, and ensure the overall structural integrity of your building.

What are our top 5 reasons to clean your roof?

1. Improve Overall Building Performance:

To get the most out of your commercial roof, both in terms of energy efficiency and achieving maximum useful roof life, it’s important to have a clean roof. A clean roof can save you money on your utility bills. If your roof is dirty, covered with mold and algae, the sun isn’t able to reflect off of it. Thus, causing your roof to absorb more heat, making the temperature of your roof much higher than it needs to be. This means your building is heating up more than it should be. In short, a clean roof will maintain a lower surface temperature which not only prolongs the life of the roof membrane itself, but it also helps to reduce energy consumption.

2. Minimize Fire Hazards:

Regularly cleaning your commercial roof will ensure that any debris is clear thus reducing fuel for any potential fires.

3. Exposes Damage:

Regular cleaning will ensure that any minor issues are identified prior to them becoming major issues. This will ensure that measures can be taken before a total replacement is required.

4. Eliminates Moisture:

It’s the number 1 enemy of any roof, especially a commercial roof. Due to most commercial roofs being flat, the possibility of ponding, splitting, blistering and rust are more likely, and can lead to internal leaks and more costly repairs.

5. Protect your Employees Health:

Mould and algae growing unchecked on your roof can lead to multiple breathing issues for the regular occupants of the building. This can lead to increased sick days and insurance claims for your business. Thereby reducing productivity and increasing overheads.

Of course, another benefit of a regular roof cleaning program helps your business to make a great first impression with a great looking roof. Show your customers that you care about your business as much as you care about them.

Having your roof cleaned is a much less expensive option than replacing your entire roof. It is for these reasons above that we recommend having a regular cleaning program in place. Our team of experienced professionals can ensure your roof is well maintained and any potential issues are caught before they become major problems.  


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