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For some companies this is not always a straight yes or no question to answer. We know that it can be hard to see where your money is going, however, it can be costly to your company if a regular cleaning and maintenance program is neglected. In the following article we are going to discuss what you should be looking for and taking into consideration when allocating your building maintenance budget in the future.

As we all know, the Greater Melbourne region has already become warmer and drier, a climate trend that is unfortunately likely to continue. Local residents, businesses and communities are changing the way they do things in response. Which is why having a regular, routine building cleaning can help you avoid major damage from the ever-changing climate.

Corrosion Zones

​While the Melbourne CBD is not skirted by ocean cliffs, there is still environmental factors that can cause corrosive effects on our commercial buildings. While the ever-changing weather patterns and warming of the average temperatures have their effects, there are other pollutants that have their effects. Pedestrians, exhausts fumes from vehicles as well as those from local industry and even restaurants all play their part. Regular washing will prevent these pollutants from taking a foothold and corrosion developing past the point of no return.

Product Warranties

Have you ever read the warranty document for your roof or exterior cladding? Most steel cladding suppliers offer 20-30yr warranties on their product, and then make regular washing a condition of the warranty. Typically, in the event of a claim they will want to see receipts as proof that washing has been carried out on a regular basis. Some decorative products recommend that your roof and exterior cladding be washed as regularly as you wash your windows!

Stand out from the competition

By washing your commercial building regularly, you’re sure it will always stay fresh, clean and bright. In challenging economic times, companies must do everything they can to stand out from their competitors. Customers become more critical of their surroundings and smart companies know they must invest in keeping their brand at the highest level. Investing in a regular building washing program is a low-cost way of showing customers you care.

Paint Protection

​While we paint our buildings to protect their surfaces, how do we protect that paint? A regular washing program is a way to increase the life expectancy and appearance of the coating. In fact, most paint manufacturers such as Wattyl, and Dulux recommend their products are washed to prevent damage from airborne pollutants and salts. While certain cleaning products are recommended by certain brands, our experienced team can take the worry out of the decision process.

Added Reassurance

An often-overlooked bonus of a regular washing program is that we can easily incorporate an inspection into the process. A well-trained team can provide you with a report highlighting any issues you need to attend to before they become too significant.


The benefits of regular cleaning program far outweigh the costs, as they can help to identify remedial tasks early on as well as keep your asset looking great. If you are serious about protecting your asset and brand, then we suggest getting in touch with our team to develop a plan to keep up with the washing.


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