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If you’ve been thinking about painting your roof, you may have also been wondering how much it’s going to cost. With over 30 years of experience in helping Australian businesses with their commercial roof painting needs, we know what it takes to deliver high-value painting on time and, most importantly, within your budget.

So how much is it going to cost to paint your roof? The answer is, it depends. No two roof painting jobs are ever created equal, but we can break down the basic factors that will play into the final price.

To determine a quote for your project, we’ll always ask the following questions.

1. How large is your roof?

We know what you’re thinking, this is a pretty obvious question. But there’s often more to the size of your roof than meets the eye. Sometimes, the larger the roof the easier and more efficient the job at hand, but depending on the premises that’s not always the case. Any unique shapings and stylistic architectural features must also be taken into account, as they may influence the approach our painters have to take.

2. What supporting materials will you need?

We don’t just mean paints, ladders and brushes. When it comes to commercial roof painting, there’s a little more to it. To keep you, your employees, clients, passers by, and our painters safe, the use of scaffolding, abseil systems, lifts or other forms of roof access may sometimes be required. The specific materials needed will ultimately depend on the architectural style of your building and the approach required, which will all be factored into the final cost of your job.

3. Where is your building located?

When it comes to quoting for a commercial roof painting job, the roof itself isn’t the only thing to consider. Your building’s geographical location may also have an impact on your final invoice. Jobs to be done in centrally-located, metropolitan areas are generally quite straightforward. Regional jobs, on the other hand, may involve additional travel and accommodation expenses. When you work with Avello, we’ll always let you know if additional expenses such as these will apply ahead of time.

4. Is your roof in ready-to-paint condition?

In an ideal world, your roof would be ready to paint as soon as you make up your mind to paint it. The reality is, that’s not always the case. To ensure your roof painting job stands the test of time, we may need to carry out pre-paint building maintenance which can include, but is not limited to, pressure washing.

5 How steep is your roof?

Sounds a little strange, but the specific angles of your roof may also impact the price of having it painted. Rooves that are steeper in their structure, for instance, increase the total surface area, which may impact the overall cost of the project.

6. What council rules will we need to follow?

To project manage your job as efficiently as possible, we’ll need to follow the guidelines of the local government to ensure we complete the work in the safest and least disruptive fashion. The time of year, the weather, and the privacy laws and/or noise restrictions of your council may all impact the final price of your project, but we’ll always let you know if this will be the case ahead of time.

Want a rough estimate? In Australia, the average cost of painting a roof is approximately $10 to $20 per square meter. Want to know how much it will cost to paint your roof specifically? Not a problem. At Avello, we provide free property paint condition reports, onsite estimates and project consultations.


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