We specialise in professional painting and maintenance services for both residential and commercial property assets. We offer end-to-end solutions from coating consulting and surface preparation through to painting, spraying, gutter management and more.

Interior Painting

High Pressure & Chemical Washing

There are some beautiful buildings in Melbourne. Washing them regularly ensures they can stay looking their best while reducing the risk of costly exterior maintenance work.

Left unchecked on a building’s surface, moisture can create mould and dangerous bacteria. That’s why regular washes are vital to preserving building exteriors.

We offer a range of washing solutions to cater for different surface types and different desired outcomes. With over a decade worth of experience in this type of work, you can trust our surface maintenance expertise to select the right kind of wash for your building.

Paint Maintenance Programs

Roof Painting & Spraying

Specialised Coating Consulting

Rubber Roofing Membrane