Owners Corporation

1251 Plenty Road, Bundoora

Making Old New Again

Bundoora is a very large suburb, 16km northeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District, spanning from Preston to its south-west all the way to Plenty to its north-east. The suburb covers three local government areas and is home to Mount Cooper. Mount Cooper is located within Bundoora Park, often claimed to be Metropolitan Melbourne’s highest point.

Also known for its education hub with La Trobe University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology having campuses situated in Bundoora.

Bundoora is known for its dense housing and multi-family dwellings, catering to students and families. Therefore, when working on 1251 Plenty Road, we knew there would be certain considerations we would have to make.

The Project

​To deliver the sleek, contemporary, crisp look that the Owners Corporation was looking for at 1251 Plenty Road, the project required external pressure cleaning and painting. Being a 70-unit apartment complex managed under an owner’s corporation meant we had to receive owner’s corporation permission on all proposed works, along with notifying tenants of work being carried out.

The tenant notification process included:

  1. Waterblasting
  2. Hours of Work
  3. Project Manager contact
  4. Vehicles to be shifted
  5. Use of boom lifts in driveway/vehicle areas


As the project was being carried out on a residential building, we had to be mindful of noise restrictions in place from the local council – thankfully we only had to deal with one for our project. There was also the challenge of ensuring that each tenant was properly notified so that we were able to carry out our work without interruption, whilst staying within our quoted budget and time frame.

In addition, we faced the challenge of ensuring that we had the correct safety precautions in place for the passing foot and vehicle traffic. Our team also had to ensure that the correct measures were in place for water run-off, negating damage to the premises and surrounding environment.

Avello’s Bespoke Solution

As with many of our multi-family dwellings, Plenty Road was an owner’s corporation project. And whilst we were tasked with adhering to a strict budget and timeframe, we tailored a price-conscious approach and strictly project managed our timeline to ensure we delivered on all desired outcomes.

We enhanced the existing structure by providing a complimentary fresh and modern look to bring the apartment building in line with its contemporary neighbours.

The Outcome

Even with all the delays of COVID and challenges faced throughout the project, we were able to deliver above and beyond the shared vision for Plenty Road.

With its now clean façade and driveways, along with the painted building and trims, Avello Group delivered on the concept with a stunning completed project.


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