101 Caroline Street, South Yarra

Giving heritage a modern twist

For those in the know, South Yarra is the place to be on a Friday and Saturday night. It is one of the oldest and most affluent inner-city suburbs in Melbourne, bordered by the Yarra River. The area is known by tourists and locals alike for its extensive commercial precinct that is home to shopping, fashion, dining, and entertainment.

So, when the project at 101 Caroline Street came across our paths, we knew that the interior and exterior painting of this building needed to honour its heritage.

The Project

Our focus was the interior and exterior painting of the building, along with painting the undercover carpark and access stairwells. Of course, being a residential apartment building meant that we had to notify tenants of the proposed work along with the intended interruption to their building access.

In consultation with the Owners Corporation, we made colour choices to compliment the heritage of the area, along with the neighbours of Caroline Street. Once the approval was received from the Owners Corporation the work could begin.


Knowing that South Yarra is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne, we had to ensure that our work did not disturb the local environment and kept with the aesthetic feel of the neighbourhood.

Of course, as with any residential project, we had to be mindful of noise restrictions in place from the local council, along with having the correct safety precautions in place for the passing foot and vehicle traffic.

Lastly, there were the residents themselves. As we were painting access areas, carpark, and internal passageways, we needed to ensure that our team stuck to the given timeframe so as not to interrupt the day-to-day lives of those living within the building.

Avello’s Bespoke Solution

Working with an Owners Corporation and residential buildings do come with their own set of guidelines and challenges, however here at Avello we are able to tailor a solution to provide the best outcome for each individual project.

In the instance of 101 Caroline Street, we adhered to a strict budget and timeframe by ensuring our project management was tight and in line with expectations.

The Outcome

While the pictures speak for themselves, Caroline Streets revamp ended up being a complete success. The façade now stands out for the right reasons in the neighbourhood, including its beautiful finishes and gardens.

We were able to deliver a modern finish, while still maintaining and honouring the heritage of the area.


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