Avello is built on skilled painters and restorers, but more-over we are a well organised team that consistently gets work done on-time and on-budget. We have well designed systems and processes that ensure projects are efficiently and effectively executed, every time.


Teamwork is our biggest asset when it comes to the efficient delivery of projects. At Avello we focus on designing and developing powerful teams for consistently superior client outcomes.

Reliability & Respect

Our customers rely on us to protect their assets today and into the future. We take this responsibility seriously and ensure all our actions are well considered, diligent and reliable and respectful.

Punctuality & Presentation

The way we act and present says volumes about us an organisation and why we maintain strict standards for performance and appearance. We insist on all team members maintaining exceptionally high standards in all they do.

Dilligence & Positivity

Avello is a disciplined, professional and well organised company. We are focused on doing great work and always exceeding client expectations. We work hard to find the best, most efficient approach to projects with a positive, can-do attitude.