Our professional team of painters and decorators consistently deliver high quality, smoothly executed projects. We combine many years of experience with ongoing training and development to continually advance our skills and expertise.

Paints & Coatings

Advanced knowledge of paints and coatings including specialty protective and industrial coatings, water proofing solutions, anti-graffiti applications, epoxy and polyurethane systems and more.

Environments & Surfaces

Expertise in proper surface preparation, selecting the correct substrate specific products and appropriate planning for environmental exposures.

These skills are fundamental in ensuring painted surfaces look fresh and bright over the long term as well as maximising the lifespan of both the coating and the underlying asset.

Project Programming & Management

We insist it should cost no more to have well organised, efficiently run and professionally completed projects.

Our reputation has been built on doing jobs quickly and efficiently, continually improving project processes and cost effectiveness for clients through disciplined, focused and diligent work.

Lifetime Building Maintenance

It is true in property that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that a well cared for asset will last significantly longer than one haphazzardly managed over time.

At Avello we focus on long term partnerships, working with clients to develop tailored maintenance solutions to maximise long term asset value.